Free initial consultations in Injury cases

If you are injured in an automobile accident, you need a competent and caring lawyer to advocate for you, someone like David M. Macfarlan, to represent you to make sure that you obtain the best result or settlement of your case or claim.  Mr. Macfarlan has successfully represented hundreds of accident victims and obtained substantial settlements for his clients.

It is important that serious accident claims are handled properly and promptly, with thoroughness and aggressively.  The insurance carriers and attorneys representing the parties that have injured you are not looking out for your interests.  We will utilize the professionals necessary to present your case or claim effectively throughout the claim and legal process with insurance adjusters, opposing counsel and to the Court.

Accident claims related to automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, commercial vehicle, and claims related to pedestrians injured from the above are handled on a contingency fee basis (with no recovery-no fee).  Mr. Macfarlan will represent you every step of the way during your case or claim, and will advise you as necessary throughout the process.  Our office will attempt to settle claims without the necessity of filing suit where possible, and will litigate where advantageous and necessary.

Motor vehicle accidents are subject to a two (2) year statute of limitations in most instances.  Do not delay in obtaining legal representation if you are injured in an accident.  Delay may end up costing you time and money.
Call the Office to set up an appointment to go over the facts of your case and your injuries at your convenience.  If you cannot get to the Office on Route #611 in Warrington, David will meet with you at your residence or medical facility.  You may also email questions to Mr. Macfarlan at: